Why get a ChatBot?

More Leads, Conversions, and Satisfied customers! Our ChatBot is one of the most advanced, and flexible ChatBot that can improve user engagement, provide meaningful support, answer questions & increase your customer conversions!

What Can our ChatBot do for you?
A ChatBot that can converse fluidly with your users. Improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates. It can search your website, and send/collect eMails & phone numbers. Create bot responses from your dashboard,  build Conversational Forms, and integrate DialogFlow ES/CX! Use Onsite Retargeting to show special offers, and capture your customers on Exit Intent!

Let's take your site to the next level!

  • Personalized, Persistent, 24/7 ChatBot
    What is worse than not having a live chat on your website? It’s getting a “No one is Available to Chat” message. Our ChatBot is always there to help your site users. A personalized welcome message goes a long way to light up one’s day. Our Bot can greet returning users or show your message in the notification area.
  • Artificial Intelligence & NLP
    Our ChatBot is Intelligent. Fully integrated with Google’s Natural Language Processing through DialogFlow ES and CX (OpenAIis supported with request). It is capable of Small Talk and can carry on a conversation without frustrating the user. You can also create Simple Text Responses from your dashboard.
  • Integration with Live chat systems
    ChatBot can display the Facebook Messenger customer chat widget and almost any other 3rd party Live Chat system like Tawk.to. A fully integrated and powerful Live Chat integration is also available as an addon!
  • Onsite Retargeting, Exit Intent Popup
    Recover up to 15% of Abandoning Visitors with Onsite Retargeting. Show your special offers, newsletter, subscriptions, or coupons on user Exit Intent, Time Interval, or Page Scroll Down inside the ChatBot window. Up to 25% of retargeted visitors will respond to your message and turn into customers!
  • Service with a Smile
    Add animated GIFs and youtube videos to spice up the conversations! Simply paste any image (jpeg or animated GIF from giphy) or youtube video’s full link inside the ChatBot’s Language Center or your Dialogflow intent responses & they will start displaying inside the ChatBot!

But wait! There's more...

  • Schedule Your ChatBotSchedule the day and time during which the ChatBot will operate. Run the Bot with another Live chat support system. You can schedule the ChatBot to run only when you are not available for Live chat – ensure that your shoppers are never left hanging for an answer.
  • Integrated Facebook Messenger Live ChatIntegrate the Facebook Messenger experience directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business with a personalized, rich-media experience they get on Facebook Messenger Live Chat! This feature is completely optional.
  • Notification BuilderCreate small notification messages that will be shown by the ChatBot icon as slides. A great feature to announce special offers and services to anyone and make more sales by increasing user awareness.
  • Language SupportMO/Pot file included but not really necessary unless you want to translate the backend as well. Every Chat Bot response and system text can be edited from the Bot’s backend easily and quickly. RTL is also supported!
Different styles to choose

List of full feature set

  • Create simple text responses easily from your WordPress backend to answer user questions.
  • Advanced search algorithm for natural language phrase matching with user input.
  • Adjust the Phrase matching accuracy according to your need
  • Advanced, fast Site search of your pages and posts to answer user questions
  • Create a FAQ area with multiple questions and answers (supports HTML)
  • Send eMail, Call Me Back & Feedback Collection
  • Collect Customer Feedback by email option.
  • Collect User eMail for newsletter Subscription
  • Automatically supports images (jpegs, animated gifs) and Youtube Videos from ChatBot Language Settings Responses
  • Simply paste any image (jpg or gif) or youtube video’s full link
  • Add images from your WordPress media library or Giphy animated gif images easily and quickly from the ChatBot language center with the floating image options
  • Add video in the Support area just by pasting the Youtube link
  • Option to Disable Persistent Chat History across pages
  • Option to Skip Greeting and Asking Name and eMail
  • Option to Skip Greeting for logged-in users only.
  • Skip Greetings and Trigger an Intent (like a Custom Form)
  • Skip Greetings and Show Start Menu
  • Show Start Menu After Greetings
  • Option to enable/disable asking for the email address after asking the name
  • Enable Asking for Phone Number
  • Quick access to Support areas of the ChatBot
  • Quick Help for commands that can be used in-chat
  • Admin customizable chatbot commands
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+B to open bot, Esc to close)
  • Full integration with Google Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or AI Engine DialogFlow
  • Natural Language Processing through Google’s DialogFlow
  • Supports DialogFlow Essential and DialogFlow CX
  • Use DialogFlow CX as a visual workflow builder to create conversations that are easier to design, enhance, and maintain.
  • Automatically supports Custom Intents and Responses You Create in Dialog Flow
  • Automatically supports Follow Up Intents and step by step Question Answers through Dialogflow custom Intents
  • Automatically supports Rich Message Response & Card Responses from Dialogflow as a FaceBook messenger app
  • Automatically supports images (jpegs, animated gifs) and Youtube Videos from DialogFlow Intent Responses
  • Advanced Name Recognition with DialogFlow
  • Sample DialogFlow Agent for quick import
  • Fine-tune WPBot icon position by pixels or percentages
  • Enable Extended Home Interface to present different interactive options to users
  • Enable or disable Different Sections and Buttons to show on the Extended Home interface
  • Option to choose on which pages WPBot should load
  • Option to disable WPBot on Mobile Devices
  • Option to Auto-Open Chatbot Window For First Time Page Load with Delay
  • Option to Delay the ChatBot Floating Icon appearance
  • Option to Delay the Floating Notification slider appearance
  • Upload custom ChatBot icon
  • Upload custom Agent icon
  • Choose from 6 design templates for the ChatBot interface
  • Customize primary colors to match your site
  • Upload your own background image
  • Turn animations on/off
  • Upload custom loading image for bot response
  • Keyboard shortcut (ctrl+b) to open chatbot
  • Customize bot response time
  • Option to Keep ChatBot window open when browsing
  • Hide/Show Icons at the bottom of the ChatBot window
  • Option to Enable Reset & Close Button at Top
  • Onsite retargeting and remarketing to increase customer conversion rate.
  • Show retargeting messages for customers on Exit Intent, After Scrolling Down “X” Percent, Or after “X” seconds.
  • Trigger Retargetting on All Pages, Selected Pages Only, or Page Wise
  • Create different Retargeting messages for different pages
  • Collect User eMail for newsletter Subscription
  • Prompt User for eMail subscription with Retargeting Message
  • Export eMail Addresses as CSV
  • Enable/Disable retargeting message sound
  • Out of focus Browser tab flashing with a custom message for retargeting messages
  • Custom Background color for retargeting messages.
  • Connect retargeting messages with any custom intent created in DialogFlow
  • Collect Customer Feedback by email option.
  • Add multiple site notifications to show above the ChatBot icon
  • Select an Intent for Click Action
  • Show or Hide Opening Notifications
  • Add links to any Intent in the Notification area so users can directly browse to the useful parts
  • Set Interval between notifications.
  • Manage the Start Menu buttons with Drag and Drop
  • Option to Enable/Disable all ready intents like Site Search, Call Me, eMail, FAQ, newsletter subscription, etc.
  • Rearrange the Start Menu Items
  • Add Custom Menu Button with Link
  • Option to set after how many failed attempts to show Start Menu
  • Conditional Menu-Driven Conversations
  • Standard Contact Forms
  • Dynamic, conditional Forms – where fields can change based on the user selections
  • Job Application Forms
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Various types of Calculators
  • Feedback Survey Forms etc.
  • Works with any language (multiple language support is actively being worked on).
  • Advanced Language Center to edit and change every WPBot response, System languages, stop words, and info messages!
  • Stop Words dictionary included and editable by admin. The bot will automatically exclude stop words from search criteria and chat commands
  • Add multiple variations of ChatBot responses for each node. They will be used randomly and give an appearance of more human-like responses.
  • mo/pot file included so you can translate backend to any language
  • RTL support
  • Full Integration with FaceBook Messenger for Customer Live Chat as a floating button
  • Light Integration with Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Web Link & Phone Call
  • Integrate with 3rd party Live Chat services that provide a stand-alone chat page link like Tawk.to
  • Persistent chat history over shopper session on the website
  • Option to Disable persistent chat history (Chat history is reset on every page)
  • Remember chat history in browser local storage and greet returning users
  • Option to Open pages in the new or same window from search results
  • GDPR compliance (message with a link to Privacy page)
  • Unsubscribe Command
  • Schedule the day and time when WPBot will run. Make WPBot work with other Live chat software.
  • Plugin Auto Upgrades from WordPress backend
  • Priority Support

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